About us

Our main purpose is to bring low and middle income earners together to help each other to save for and build their own homes. We are guided by principles and values of co-operation but above all by our passion to attain the fundamental human right to decent and adequate shelter. Our main objective is to collectively acquire land and build houses for both members and non-members.  Our vision is a country where everyone owns a decent home.

Aware of climate change, we have to play our part to create a more sustainable future. We are building a society where people will consciously adopt an energy-efficient lifestyle. Our purpose is not only to save money on our energy bills, but to also conserve the environment by releasing fewer greenhouse gases and creating less dependence on non-renewable energy resources and technologies that harm the environment.

Thus, we promote house construction using materials that are abundantly available, use less energy, cost less and have no negative effects on the environment. We encourage creative recycling of waste for use as building materials.

The earth, water and the air are not a gift to us from our parents but a loan from our children.” —Anonymous