Becoming a member

KHCS targets low income earners in urban, Peri-urban and rural areas. These include women, youths and other marginalized people. KHCS aim to empower people who have difficulty finding suitable housing because of prejudice due to age, social status, gender or other reasons to enhance their capacity to become proud home-owners.

Membership shall consist of:-

  1. Original members who signed the application for registration.
  2. New members subsequently admitted in accordance with the by-laws.

A person is eligible for membership if he/she.

  1. Has attained the age of 12 years except in case of a minor who is heir to a deceased member.
  2. Is a corporate body, social welfare associations, investment groups registered with the relevant bodies.
  3. Is gainfully employed
  4. Is of good character and sound mind
  5. Pays the membership fee and contribute as prescribed in the by-laws
  6. Does not belong to another society with similar objectives.

Admission into Membership

Individual applicants pay membership application fee of UGX 10,000; annual contribution of UGX 60,000/= and at least 1 (one) share of UGX 20,000.- (twenty thousand shillings only).

  1. Corporate bodies, welfare associations and investment groups pay an entrance fee of UGX 50,000; annual contribution of UGX 60,000 and at least 60 shares of UGX 20,000 each (or UGX 1,200,000).
  2. The fees may be revised by the Annual General Meeting from time to time.