1. Housing loan

This loan is used to finance building construction, remodeling and major refurbishment.

  1. Home improvement loan

This loan is used for general home improvements for example: household fittings, furniture and minor repairs.

  1. Land acquisition loan

This loan is used to acquire land.

Conditions to note:

  1. Title to the land will be held by the society until all installments are paid.
  2. No developments can be made on the plot without permission from the society.
  1. Energy loans

KHCS is passionate about sustainable energy and for that purpose will provide favorable financing for energy-related products to its members. We will actively identify and make use of cost-effective home energy solutions, including: low-cost energy systems and renewable energy alternatives.

We encourage all members and community as a whole to reduce their energy consumption and use the energy savings to help pay off their loans over time.

  1. General purpose loans

This is a short term loan of not more than 6 months for any purpose including emergencies.

Interest on Loans

Interest on housing, home improvement, land acquisition and energy loans is 1% per month and 4% per month on general purpose loan.