1. Community Sensitization and Mobilization

KHCS regularly conduct community sensitization and mobilization targeting low income families and other savings and credit groups. We reach out to community groups and associations to disseminate information about housing cooperatives and community development.

We also use public media including our website, social media, radio, TV and other promotional materials like flyers, T-shirt, Baseball caps and hand-bills to promote community awareness.

  1. Business Advisory Services

We note that most small businesses in Uganda collapse within a short period of time from inception mainly because of lack of basic knowledge in business management. We thus take initiative to equip them with business management skills. We do this as part of our outreach program while promoting the culture of savings and the principles of cooperatives.

  1. Housing Design and Planning

We guide our members on the right designs of houses and take them through technical considerations for them to know what is required to help them plan and budget accordingly in order to save costs and optimally utilize available land. We also design house plans on request, construct & refurbish houses and advise members on buying land and alternative financial services.

  1. Renewable Energy

Our experts in renewable energy carry out energy audit in homes on request and advice on appropriate and cost effective solutions. We also finance members to buy and install solar solutions and biogas.